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Business Computing Simplified

Millions of business owners like you are trading in their outdated traditional computer networks for the simplicity, flexibility, and lower costs of Cloud Computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is simply Internet-based computing where “Resources” (Servers, Computers, Data Storage, Firewalls, Exchange, Sharepoint, Microsoft Office, Web Hosting, etc.) are provided to you like a Utility, in the same way Water or Electricity is. The Cloud Provider (Dynamic Edge) owns the “Resources”, and you pay for how much you need— nothing more.

Oh, and if you go on a hiring (or firing) spree, we can instantly scale your business up (or down) just by adjusting your monthly spend.

fitCloud is Simplifying Computing for Your Business

Our proprietary fitCloud Services are the easiest way to gain a fast, up to date, problem free computer network that just works— without having to cut that big, cash draining check.

  • UPGRADE your computer network without dreading the big cash outlay for a new server, software licenses, and computers
  • ELIMINATE the risk of paying big after a Microsoft license audit
  • INSTANT Disaster Recovery
  • HIGHER level of security for your data
  • LESS downtime, problems, and interruptions
  • FREEDOM to work from anywhere, on any device, at anytime

Free Cloud Readiness Consultation

Cloud Computing isn’t right for every business. Enter your information to the right for an absolutely  free Cloud Readiness Consultation.

True Stories

Check out the case studies below outlining exactly how fitCloud can help your business with the following:

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