Custom Programming

Award Winning Programming Team

Tired of software mercenaries you can never track down when you need help? Our Award Winning* team of full time programmers will always be here when you need them for things like making your website work with the latest browser release.

No Hourly Mercenaries

Our programmers are full time employees, not hourly mercenaries. They already have job security, so they don’t need to create it by dragging out projects and sending you mystery bills.

Detailed Project Plans

We provide you a detailed project plan with budgeted hours and time included for testing. And we have enough experience to know how long your project will take in advance. When we say we will deliver a project on the 1st, it means it’s ready for production, not a rough draft.

Programming Team, Not just a Programmer

Our in house programming team allows us to pool knowledge, work together, and utilize specialists. When we run into speed bumps, we have the resources available to get more minds on your job.

Weekly Update Meetings

We are excellent communicators and take the burden of following up off your plate. In the weekly update meetings, we will provide you a detailed readout of the project. Together we can identify any “gotchas” or “stucks” far enough in advance to keep the train on the tracks.

Free Consultation & Quote

For a free consultation and quote on your next programming project, give us a call or submit your info to the right.

2012 Stevie Winner

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