Our Consultants

Providing excellent technology and computer support

Ben Tidswell
Onboarder / Network Auditor
Ben Tidswell is a rock star. He’s also superb at fixing computers! He powered through a Linux certification at Washtenaw Community College back in ’05. Since then, he has gotten a wealth of experience including working for Apple for 2 years...
Brandon Adams
Instant Support Group
Brandon spent his childhood between Michigan and Tennessee. Growing up in both the North and South help him see the great differences in other people...
Bruce McCully
Owner & Visionary
Is your future foretold in your youth? For Bruce McCully, it was. Bruce could program before he could write. In second grade, Bruce used ProBasic to manipulate data, showing his mom a screen filled with “Hello, world.”...
Christopher Halberg
Instant Support Group
Christopher has been immersed in technology from the time that he could use a mouse and keyboard...
Conrad Silveri
Information Technology Instant Support Group Intern
Conrad Silveri is a plain and simple nerd. He is in the final year of his degree in information assurance at Eastern Michigan University...
Cory Cook
Onsite Resource Group Team Lead
Cory is a man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery. After seeing a data-center at age 5, he knew that he had to make his mark in the IT world...
Craig Blanzy
Instant Support Group
Craig has been working on computers for as long as he can remember. When he was seven years old he would actually get tech support calls from family members...
Daniel Bomar
Instant Support Group
Daniel was born and raised in the Nashville area. He took an interest in computers at a very early age...
Dave Linteau
Instant Support Group
Professional Technologist. Biotechnology Student. Futures studies. Prior-service Military (Air Force). They taught him things...
Eric Near
Proactive Team Lead
Eric has been in the business of solving technology problems since the TV connection on his grandma’s Commodore 64 came loose in 1983...
Fabio Rivera
Fabio grew up surfing the Pacific Ocean in Acapulco, Mexico where he had big dreams of becoming a soccer player or a rock star. Since that did not work out, he decided to come to the US to attend college at Western Michigan University...
George Schwemle
Business Technology Manager
George started out as DE’s oldest intern, and now he is one of the friendliest voices of our ISG.
Jacob Vogt
Instant Support Group
Jacob grew up around computers and still spends way too much time with them. Hardware and networking are his specialties...
Jake Donahue
Instant Support Group
Jake's passion for electronics has never stopped growing. He started fixing computers at age 5 by bashing his hands on the keyboard...
James Blair
Instant Support Group
James has 16 years of IT experience in many different tech fields. His love of computers started when he was 4 years old...
Jared Chimovitz
Business Technology Manager
Jared is a sorcerer, able to conjure answers from thin air. He can whisper spells that remove all of your problems...
Jeff Fitch
Project Implementer
Jeff is a well-seasoned IT professional with experiences that range the gamut of business technology...
Jeff Snyder
Business Technology Manager
Jeff enjoys being a jack of all trades with a can-do attitude. There is no (IT) problem that can't be solved...
Jessica Townsend
Business Technology Manager
Jessica has always had a passion for technology, both hardware and software. While her capstone project was developing a video game, Jessica can't get away from her love for taking things apart (iPhones, computers, etc). She builds clients for life, and has many clients that will only see her. As an officer in the Army National Guard, Jessica is a leader by nature.
Jim Barstow
Project Implementer
Jim is skilled in both software and hardware design, with a background in software development, network engineering, telecom engineering, and making impossible things happen, just to prove they can be done...
Jon Fleming
Instant Support Group
Jon has always been fascinated with electronic gadgets. When he was a child his family couldn't afford a computer (which was probably for the best since he had a habit of dissecting electronics) but he was drawn to them whenever encountered...
Josh Franklin
Instant Support Group
Josh loves learning regardless the subject. He believes a generalist approach to knowledge provides a more complete toolbox for solving problems...
Kevin Mills
Instant Support Group
Kevin graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Social Studies and English education. After a year of teaching high school, he realized his skills would be better utilized in a different environment. He realized that if everybody he worked with kept coming to him to fix their computers, he might be not be in the right field.
Kevin Wilson
Project Implementer
Kevin first started his journey in IT at Michigan Technological University in the bitter north of the Upper Peninsula, far beyond the edge of the world...
Kyle Brighton
Instant Support Group
Kyle has always wondered why and how things work. He's loved technology since his family's first Mac Classic and he hasn't stopped tinkering with computers since...
Kyle Kosman
Onsite Resource Group
Kyle knows what it is to be in the Tech Support Trenches—he has waded through piles of dead hard drives, spent days in the ‘Computer Graveyard’, navigated Internet outages, and has resolved computer headaches—even ones where Google can’t help!
Matt McBryde
Project Implementer
Matt is an experienced I.T. Pro who has extensive experience in networking, security, and onsite deployments of workstations, servers, and networking equipment...
Matthew Davenport
Instant Support Group
A small town boy in a big city world, Matthew’s Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems could never had properly prepared him to work with the diversity of clients at DE...
Michael Bolton
Security Specialist
Michael first started getting involved with computers at 4 years old, when he discovered the original Windows pinball game. At 12 years old, he was told that he could have his own computer as long as he built it himself...
Rob Sikorski
Proactive Engineer
A geek at heart, holding a degree from ITT-Technical Institute, Robert started tinkering with computers at the ripe age of 6...
Ryan Celauro
Project Implementer
In sixth grade, Ryan was introduced to his first MMORPG and fell in love...
Sam Sizemore
Information Technology Lab Intern
Sam has always been a geek and a gamer. This started when his father introduced him to video games at 6 years old...
Seth Goodell
Instant Support Group Team Lead
Seth wasn’t always interested in technology. Just kidding, he was. From a very young age he would pester his parents to buy him electronic toys and games so he could take them apart to figure out how they worked...
Tim Barczewski
Onsite Resource Group
Tim comes to us from Whole Foods, where he learned what excellent customer service is all about...
Tim Park
Instant Support Group
Tim's programming education began in the 8th grade when he attempted to teach himself Basic...
Zxavier Force
Lab Manager
Zxavier has been the guy next door that fixes your wireless connection, or your computer for 15 years...