Is Your Healthcare IT Support Really Working?

Are You Worried That You’re Spending an Arm And A Leg JUST To KEEP Your Business HIPAA Compliant?

Healthcare IT Services should aim to:

  • Keep mission-critical applications running
  • Improve performance of EHR and EMR systems
  • Decrease your exposure to HIPAA violations and penalties
  • Include Backup and Disaster Recovery planning services so your patient records are safe and recovery is timely
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Here Are Some Common Questions Most Healthcare Offices Ask Before Committing To IT Support:

How do I make sure my network is running when I need it most and  how can you make sure my office gets its issues resolved quickly?

Most IT Support will put off your issues if they don’t pop up during the 40 hour work week. When outsourced solutions say that support is 24/7, you have to ask if the actually have someone in the office working, or simply someone ‘on-call’. If it’s 3 am and you need to finish filing a report, but your machine just froze, will they really be able to help if they’re at the movie theater? Or at their kid’s recital? Not so sure…

Dynamic Edge provides  24/7/365 Onsite and Remote support AND 1-Hour guaranteed Emergency Response to keep you working when you nee it. Don’t have to worry about 9-5 with us!

How do I know my office is HIPAA Compliant?

Most IT Support– including internal IT departments– often don’t understand the intricacies behind compliance regulations (which is especially important if you’re regulated by HIPAA legislation). Your office likely has to burden one of your staff to be a compliance officer just to make sure you won’t fall too far short of being compliant if an audit pops up.

Dynamic Edge provides 24/7/365 compliance monitoring, a dedicated security officer that specializes in HIPAA regulations, a process-based process that makes sure your office is compliant without having to spend more than simply for your IT Support. How can we control your compliance costs? (Refer to the next questions).

I’m paying TOO much to be HIPAA compliant! What can I do to control my costs?

Too often, I talk to clients that had been spending out the nose for their HIPAA compliance. The cold hard truth is that most Managed Services or IT Support solutions lack expertise or experience dealing with HIPAA compliance issues. And those that do offer HIPAA, end up charging you a al carte extras for compliance services (NOTE: these costs add up quickly!).

Dynamic Edge provides HIPAA compliance included in your IT Support agreement. How do we manage your compliance costs? Over the years of having to support clients that have HIPAA compliance pressures, we’ve developed an internal process that ensures our clients are compliant. We monitor your systems for specific issues related to your compliance and have a HIPAA security officer whose main responsibility is keeping your office compliant.

Our Formula for HIPAA Compliance:

Process-based Systems + Proactive Management + Constant Monitoring  Manageable Accessible Compliance

How do I know my network is protected?

More often than not, IT Support for small or mid-sized businesses overlook protecting your machines. More so, they are too distracted fighting fires that it’s almost impossible for them to make sure your ducks are in a row.
Dynamic Edge uses Antivirus and Patch Management to eliminate your system vulnerabilities. We monitor your network 24/7/365 to prevents issues from turning into disasters.

How do I know my network won’t crash tomorrow?

One of the biggest issues with IT departments and most other IT Support solutions is that they spend most of their time fighting fires. Even if they are patching your computers, they likely lack the infrastructure to accurately predict when your systems need an upgrade or hardware needs replacement because of wear.

Dynamic Edge is focused on preventative maintenance—more so than patching your network, we make sure all of your hardware is (and will be) running well. We use a proprietary predictive model to evaluate when your hardware will fail (99.99% accurate) and can give you the necessary recommendations for you to avoid a disastrous server or network crash before it happens.


I’m not sure that my office is utilizing our technology efficiently? How can we use what we have to make our operations better?

Most of the time, medical offices are not optimizing how they’re using technology. They are wasting time patching symptoms and not getting to the root problem with how technology could make their work EASIER. Most IT support companies don’t have much experience with giving businesses direction to best leverage technology.

Dynamic Edge provides: you with Quarterly Road Map Meetings to Review your office’s Software, Systems and Security. If you ever have any additional questions about your technology, you have a dedicated Business Technology Manager to assist you to make the best decision for your business.

My computer just crashed. How can I get the data QUICKLY?

Most IT Support companies still use dated technologies. Tape drives– still common among many IT companies– will fail! And most IT support fail to even take regular backups– let alone backups that will guarantee you a good starting point if something goes wrong (for instance, your computer crashes or file is deleted).

Dynamic Edge provides: Hourly-Image-Based Backups and Free Loaner Equipment to guarantee if something happens to your machine, you have a quick easy way to get back to work FAST.

 I need to budget for my IT Costs! How can you make sure I can budget my spending?

The hard facts is that when an emergency comes, most IT Support companies will charge you an arm and a leg just to get you up and running again (Don’t even think that they will give you a strategy to keep you from running into the same problem in the future!).

Dynamic Edge offers 24/7/365 service at a Flat Rate Guaranteed (Hassle-Free Billing).

What if I need customized software integration for our office to run smoothly?

Most IT Support companies don’t have an expert team of programmers to customize software that will work better for your business than simply opening a box. And coding shops will charge exorbitant rates to get you a solution that doesn’t quite fit (the reality is they won’t know your business because they have no interest in how the entirety of your technology works).

Dynamic Edge offers customers Discounted Programming and Project Work from a team that has focused on medical software integration for over 18 years!

Fixed Health IT Keeps Your Office HIPAA Compliant WITHOUT Breaking The Bank:

We Get HIPAA. Our semi-annual HIPAA audits will provide you with a compliance road map and all important compliance documentation.We GUARANTEE our work. We eliminate fear and uncertainty

Having worked with dozens of healthcare institutions—clinics, offices and health data management companies— in our 18 year tenure supporting businesses, we have mastered IT Support processes tailored to keeping your business HIPAA compliant without costing you an arm and a leg:

  • Expert Preventative Maintenance Keeping Healthcare Software Running— you get a team of IT Support that continue to identify problems (system requirements, end of life issues, security compliance, implementation environments) that commonly slow down  medical offices.
  • Constant HIPAA Compliance Monitoring— stop worrying about HIPAA compliance– whether your ENTIRE network is compliant. You no longer have to worry about paying hefty fines for not being complaint. (We will also train your staff annually to meet your training requirement—included in your IT Support!)
  • Dedicated Healthcare Technology Manager— you no longer have to worry about how to best use your technology to make your office run more productively. We have a healthcare IT professional on staff with specific experience helping healthcare offices leverage their technology.
  • Security Compliance Officer— does your office really have the capacity to have a full-time security officer that ensures your office is ALWAYS compliant? Our HIPAA security compliance officer is completely dedicated to make sure your office is compliant. If an audit arises, our officer will handle the paper work and show that your office has all of its HIPAA compliance (and PCI compliance) ducks in a row!
  • Quarterly HIPAA and PCI Risk Analysis and Compliance Reports— You get a quarterly report on your compliance status for HIPAA and PCI (if applicable) and we’ll present you with solutions if we notice any possible risks in your system.
  • PHI Data Management— You get hassle-free secure management of ALL your PHI data.
  • Disaster and Backup Recovery—In the event of a natural disaster or failure, you have ALL your data backed up DAILY.
  • IT Support When You Need It—since healthcare isn’t always a 9-5 shift—you get dedicated support– both Onsite and Remote IT Support– when you need it 24/7/365!
  • Documented IT Solution Paths For Healthcare—Our tiered-technical support staff have documented processes to service, maintain and support healthcare offices. That means we’ve already documented (and continue to document) solutions to your users’ computer issues to guarantee faster resolution times—and less work outages from software or hardware failure.
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Remember: IT Service that keeps Healthcare Offices free of technical problems requires specialized Support that understands the specific tools, platforms and dynamics. Support that proactively recognizes and eliminates computer headaches before problems arise—no matter when (24/7/365)!—is a critical part of keeping your office productive. Your IT Service should keep your firm safe—day in and day out—eliminating threats from cyber criminals and hackers and making sure your client data is kept secure.

Since there’s a good chance you’ve been disappointed, let down and even burned by a less-than-competent IT provider, I want to give you a risk-free way to “kick the tires” before you commit to anything.