As some of you already know, we have moved our Nashville office to a bigger space that makes it easier to support our growing number of raving fans (We currently have 14,307 raving fans!) in and around Nashville, TN.

In case, you’re wondering, our Nashville office is now located just a mile from its original location at:

Dynamic Edge, Inc.

615 Main Street Suite 101

Nashville, TN 37206

Over the last 6 months we have seen a 304% increase in cyber-attacks on organizations ranging from 10 to 250 users. Dynamic Edge focus on network security, but that isn’t the only reason we are growing…

Dynamic Edge Grows Because It Exceeds User Expectations

Dynamic Edge continues to be recognized in Michigan and Tennessee for delivering exceptional IT Support—recognized as Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies in the country.  Here are just a few reasons why we believe we’ve seen growth in our service and support roles throughout Southeast Michigan and Middle Tennessee:

Process-Based Service—I founded Dynamic Edge with a mind for engineering. Our approach to IT Support follows guidelines and processes—to ensure that your users are provided with fast support—our current processes have made it so EVERY ticket is opened and worked on within an hour and users calling in speaking to a live engineer—not to mention exceptional service—we read every customer response, figure out what’s working and how to improve what’s not. Our processes are designed and constantly improved so every single team member delivers consistent, exceptional service to every user.

Meticulous Documentation—If a new issue arises, team members create documentation (or modify existing documentation) outlining a resolution process. Team members are expected (and held accountable) to following documentation. Our documentation databases composed of 6,938 knowledge-based articles make it so that we never make the same mistakes twice and are able to deal with your most complex of IT issues (many of which the run of the mill IT Support shops won’t even touch because they lack experience and knowledge!).

Engage Your Users—Our philosophy is to be “Beyond Tech Support”, which means going beyond the 1’s and 0’s of computers, printers and networks to connect to you and your users—to essentially become your coworkers. That means when someone has a baby, breaks his/her arm, gets a new puppy, we’re interested and want to make your users feel comfortable with us—and that we’re there for them on and off the clock.

We Learn From What Hasn’t Worked—With over 18 years of experience and an interest in being the best computer support company in the world, I feel very strongly that we learn from every experience to make things better in the future. We actually have a department that reviews every user survey response. For the surveys that are positive (we average a 96.8% positive rating), we give team members the positive feedback. For the times when a user was underwhelmed, we are reading and evaluating how to change our processes, training and user interaction to avoid an issue. Our team is even trained to proactively create Service Alerts when they see something they feel doesn’t represent our standards in service and IT Support. All of these alerts, the bulk of which are triggered by our team members identifying a time bomb, are promptly addressed each week with actionable solutions on how to ensure a problem or potential problem doesn’t happen again.

Preventative Diagnostics—One of our trademarks is that we have engineered software that detects when hardware—a server, work station or hard drive— is going to fail and are able to make recommendations weeks to months in advance for clients to decide on how to address hardware issues. Every client has a dedicated business technology manager that meets regularly—weekly, monthly or quarterly—with their clients to walk through what technology they have and figure out changes on their networks to make operations easier.

Communication with Clients— Communication is a critical (but sadly lacking) component in many IT Support and Service companies. We have found that phone, email and scheduled meetings all contribute to ensuring an organization has technology that is working for them (rather than the other way around!). We provide technical training (in person and online), weekly or monthly strategy meetings, Level 10 Calls, timely ticket status communications when as our team works through a user’s issue, and on-going supervision and feedback to team members as they handle new situational environments.

Low Unresolved Tickets— All of the above reasons why clients continue to use Dynamic Edge for computer support and service have led us to less than a 4% average of tickets per end-points. Just to put this in context, the average IT Support company has close to 10% of open tickets. That means that good communication with users, solid team engagement in helping people, a well-tested documentation system and process-based ticket handling and escalation have all made it so that we can resolve your IT issues quickly and keep your users happy to turn on their machines in the morning.

Is Your IT Support Company Growing? Are they proving to you that they’re improving and seeking ways to better serve their users? Are you not sure whether you’re getting the support (data backups, network security, too much downtime) that you expect in and IT Support Company AND good service (where you’re not just a number)? Contact Us TODAY to find out about a free network assessment!