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Get your IT career back on track

Tired of dead end jobs? Stuck somewhere that red tape keeps you from solving problems? Are you so focused on one aspect of technology that you are getting rusty and unable to build your overall experience base?

The Career Expressway

Tired of 4% wage increases and making below the poverty line? At Dynamic Edge people skills come first. Not only do you get to work with and learn about all types of technology. You get to work with executives, polish your communication, build habits and skills that make you successful wherever your career takes you.

Great Work Environment

Work Environment is code for people. We can’t guarantee that you will be best friends with everyone at Dynamic Edge, but we can guarantee that we don’t have any assholes on our team. We are very particular about who we hire. We work very hard to make sure people are smart, talented, and a good fit before bringing them in.

Looking to Switch to Technology?

Trying to climb the technology learning cliff on your own is very challenging. Many candidates we talk to have taken classes and completed degrees and are looking for a chance to get some hands on experience. If you have a proven track record in customer service (waited tables, worked as a bank teller, or as an executive assistant), and are looking to make the switch to technology, Dynamic Edge is a great place to get your experience.

Stepping to the Next Level

You are a system administrator. You have 5 years experience running a network, but you are getting rusty. Time to improve your game? Get experience working with VMWare, SANs, Cisco, DFS, SQL, Windows Server, and LINUX. This is the stuff you can’t get by reading and building labs. We even pay for your certifications as you achieve them.

Looking for a Place to Stay?

Sometimes it isn’t about climbing the corporate ladder. We have people who have been on our team for over 9 years. We understand a consulting firm is often a building block for a career. Our flexibility, laid back people, and the opportunity to learn something new everyday, make Dynamic Edge a great long term option as well.