A cloudy day in Michigan. With severe weather passing to the east and looming clouds predict the entire day, I thought it only appropriate to head over to Howell and Pick up Nicole from Armor Protective Packaging for a ride up north to Traverse City for lunch.

The day started with very low cloud layers in Ann Arbor—but climbing through them revealed some very necessary (and coveted) sunshine.

When we landed in Howell to pick up our VIP passenger, we found her accompanied by her loving father, Dale (Hi Dale!), who had volunteered to be Nicole’s livery service for today’s trip. Before taking off, he insisted on taking a photo of the adventurers.

Nicole was definitely surprised by all the in-flight beverage options on Bruce Air, but her favorite find was the unanimously popular canned champagne (it even came with a little pink straw for sipping).

While Nicole was busy preparing her version of a Vamosa (vodka-spiked mimosa), I was busy navigating the Michigan skies, and avoiding turbulence…we didn’t want any alcohol abuse!

Not a single cotton puff looked the same as the last. Flying in and out of the fair weather cumulus at 8000 feet allowed us all to oooh and aaah at all sorts of beautiful formations.

Landing on Runway 28 at the Cherry Capitol Airport (for those non-Michiganders, Traverse City is our state’s cherry capitol) or KTVC (if you’re an aviation enthusiast you’ll know an airport by its identifiers!), we skirted under a blanket of clouds and taxi’d along all sorts of jet setters on summer adventures of their own.


Lunch at Bubba’s filled us all. From Avocado Salads to Spicy Jalapeno and Pineapple Hawaiian burgers, the menu will not disappoint! We all had a little room for a good old fashioned real cherry milkshake (and an accompanying carload of fries) from Don’s Drive-In to fuel us onward on our adventure.

We took off again and took a quick stop (10 minute flight) into Bellaire, MI, to meet Nicole’s aunt. After enjoying a refreshing cider (in my case a Diet Coke) at Short’s in downtown Bellaire, we left Nicole to stay the weekend in a Northern paradise and headed back home to Ann Arbor.

One of the favorite parts of my job is spending time with clients. And airplane trips are part of the fun!

Interested in being on the next Bruce Air Lunch Excursion? Shoot me an email and provide me a warm introduction to a potential client. If we end doing their computers, we will put your name in the hat. We are doing quarterly drawings…maybe you will be next for a Bruce Air lunch excursion!