What We Do Better

9 Things Dynamic Edge Does Better

1. You Won’t Feel Stupid After Working With Us

Dynamic Edge won’t treat you like a second-class citizen for not being fluent in “tech” terminology. When you tell us about the problem you’re having in your language, we know all of the right questions to ask, and then double-check to ensure everything is working properly before we leave, so you don’t have to call us back ten times.

2. We Follow Up, So You Don’t Have To

Our team keeps you in the loop and takes all responsibility for communication. You don’t have to chase us around asking for updates. We know you’re busy, so if a Dynedger can’t reach you, we’ll keep following up with the tenacity of a honey badger.

3. We’re Available When You Need Us

All IT companies make the same promises, but we have the systems and people in place to deliver on those promises with a guaranteed one-hour response whenever you need it, 24/7. When your server goes offline in the middle of the night, you can stay asleep, and we’ll take care of it.

4. We Actually Listen When You Talk

We don’t decide what is considered an “emergency”—you do. Other tech companies say things like, “That’s not possible,” “That’ll be extra,” and “This is your fault.” We say things like “I will do it,” “I’ll find you a solution,” “When do you need it?” and “We can fix this.” When you can’t print before a big meeting, we understand that’s an emergency, and we will take care of you.

5. We Eliminate The Stress of Nickel-and-Dime Billing

With Fixed IT, you pay a flat monthly fee with guaranteed hassle-free billing. Other IT firms like to tell you when issues are “not mission critical” or “not covered under your contract.” With Fixed IT, there’s no nickel-and-dime billing, so you can budget it and forget it. You can rest assured that we will always have your best interest in mind, and that we are never trying to squeeze an extra buck out of you.

6. We Free Up Your Time

When you hire DE, you not only get top-tier tech support for your business: you also get your old job back. We allow you to focus on your goals while we take technology off your plate. You won’t have to deal with employees saying, “I think I have a virus!” or “I can’t connect to the server!” ever again. Because there’s no nickel-and-dime billing, they don’t need your approval to get our help. The next time someone bursts into your office with their hair on fire, just relax and tell them to call Dynamic Edge.

7. We Make Your Life Easier

Stop wasting your time being the middle man between vendors and your IT company. We interact with all of your third-party service providers (like Comcast, Microsoft, etc.) on your behalf. We plan upgrades a year in advance, purchase all hardware and software for you, and guarantee you get the right stuff.

8. Our Software is Simple and Intuitive

We have the simplest and most user-friendly software to help us better communicate with you about things we are working on. It’s called the Fixed IT Portal, and our competitors don’t have it, because we built it ourselves. The Portal allows you to view any open issues, tell us about new ones, and increase the urgency of an open item when you need it right away.

9. Our Team is The Best, So We Get Stuff Done Right. The First Time

We hire and retain the best of the best. Our progressive company culture, better than competitive compensation, and rigorous interview process ensure we have the top talent in the industry. However, it takes more than computer skills to offer the best service. We employ the rare mixed breed of techies that have both people and computer skills (yes, they do exist!). We combine their individual talents with a custom suite of tools, a commitment to constant training, and a focused company-wide mission and culture to give you something beyond tech support. We give you the best tech support team in the world—a team of Dynedgers.