Fixed IT FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Fixed IT

What’s the difference between Fixed IT and my current technology service?

With Fixed IT, we constantly monitor the health of every computer on your business network. We are able to detect the slightest performance irregularities and find solutions before you even experience symptoms of a problem. Fixed IT is a flat rate service that eliminates the hassle and inconsistency of hourly technical consulting, allowing you to safely budget for your annual technology expenses.

What if we need someone to come out and fix something in our office?

Although we can fix many common problems remotely, all onsite maintenance we provide is included.

We need a technology provider that can come out after we close, so that we don’t have any interruptions during work hours. Can you help us?

We send consultants onsite 24/7/365. When you need us, we’ll be there!

How often will our backups be performed?


And, how can we know our backups are secure?

All backups are performed over secure connections, and we encrypt all of the data before it is transmitted.

What “hidden costs” are associated with Fixed IT?

The startup cost for your Fixed IT service will be equivalent to the monthly service charge, but there are no hardware or software costs directly associated with Fixed IT. Any software installation and upgrades are included for all supported workstations and servers. If you wish to add hardware to your existing network, you can purchase it yourself or through our purchasing department, and we will gladly install it for you for a nominal fee.

What doesn’t Fixed IT cover?

While we’re happy to offer custom programming, web development/design, and database construction projects to all of our clients, these services are not included as part of the Fixed IT program. Fixed IT does not “cover” installation costs when new equipment is added. Instead, we offer these services to our Fixed IT customers for a low, flat rate installation fee.

I noticed that the fee is charged per workstation. Can I opt to have only some of my workstations supported by Fixed IT?

No. Unfortunately, workstations that are not supported by Fixed IT are susceptible to all types of malware. On a shared network, one unsupported machine can infect an entire network – and we would be liable. For that reason, we prefer to go all-or-nothing on workstations.

What about servers?

Depending on the size of your network, we may be able to support just your servers. To determine this, we’ll need to schedule a network evaluation first.

What happens if we have a major problem – like a server crash – is that covered?

With Fixed IT, we’re constantly monitoring the health of all computer systems on your network. We do this to be proactive about your technology. Our custom software allows us to see the warning signs before you notice any symptoms of the problem. And, in most cases, we’ll be able to prevent things like outages and crashes before they occur. If we’re caught off guard by an immediate failure with no warning signs (very unlikely), any amount of time spent recovering from the problem is covered under your service agreement.

How long will I be out if a true emergency does occur?

Because we provide backups of every machine on our customers’ networks, we can reduce downtime of each machine by as much as 90%. A server rebuild that would have taken us 20-30 hours in the past to complete now only takes two hours… so you’re looking at considerably less downtime. The actual amount will be determined by the size and complexity of your network.

What if we have equipment that needs to be replaced?

In most instances, we’ll be able to install a temporary loaner machine within four hours, depending on the amount of data we need to re-create. We test backups and this process with all of our clients to ensure that we can deliver these results.

Who pays for hardware replacement?

If you need to replace a workstation or server, you purchase the hardware – and we take care of the rest. There is no charge for installing replacement equipment. Adding equipment to your network (servers, desktops, laptops, etc.) is a different story. Your monthly service fee includes service to the entire network. Contact us if you’re curious about add-on fees for your specific equipment needs.