What We Do

Providing expert consulting and programming services since 1999

Dynamic Edge eliminates computer headaches for small to medium sized businesses that have outgrown their current computer support. Making the jump from being a small to a medium sized business is difficult, and you don’t have to do it all on your own. Stop letting out dated, inefficient, and unreliable technology prevent your business from getting over that hurdle.

Fixed IT
The Best Tech Support Team in the World

Stop spending half your day managing your IT manager and chasing down technicians to fix the same problems you had last month. If you’re ready for your computers to “just work” without all the headaches, you’re ready for Fixed IT.

Custom Programming
The Tools Fortune 500 Companies have in their back pockets

Tired of software mercenaries you can never track down when you need help? Our team of full time programmers will always be here when you need them for things like making your website work with the latest browser release.

fitCloud Services
Cutting Edge Web Based Solutions

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Services to supplement your Fixed IT Support. Get back up and running in hours, even if your office burns to the ground, and never worry about changing back-up tapes again.