Bruce McCully

Owner & Visionary

Bruce McCully Is your future foretold in your youth? For Bruce McCully, it was. Bruce could program before he could write. In second grade, Bruce used ProBasic to manipulate data, showing his mom a screen filled with “Hello, world.” Flash forward to the year 2000, and you’ll find Mr. McCully graduating from the University of Michigan with a Computer Engineering degree and a minor in Microbiology. At this point, Bruce had already founded Dynamic Edge to meet the demand for outsourcing IT services to small businesses. Currently, Bruce is ‘The Man’ for Tier 3 support and for sales here at the Edge. He also excels in Linux, Citrix and Cisco: consider him a network head.

On the Lighter Side...

As Supreme Overlord of Dynamic Edge, Bruce reigns over his office minions—who can often be found chained to their desks for days when Bruce decrees that they are not working fast enough. Perks of being Supreme Overlord include sitting on a throne, never being disputed and talking loudly. Bruce does occasionally dethrone to oversee his minions, commanding that they fetch his messages and that coffee be made.