Our Super Support Staff

Providing our clients the best possible service

Cheryl Webber
Cheryl has spent years delving into the details and nuances of the finance/accounting books. She started out following her family and working in the mechanics field, but it did not take her long to realize that was not where she belonged.
Jeannie Schultz
Office Assistant
After graduating from college majoring in Women’s Studies, Jeannie has worked in a variety of jobs in client from and really enjoys helping people in the office environment.
Kevin Winkelmann
Project Team Lead
Kevin's IT career began in a terrified moment waiting for his dad to come home from work...
Lisa Smith
Executive Assistant
Lisa graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Hospitality Management. Like most graduates, she has done nothing with her degree...
Tim Neiman
Owner & Integrator
A man of many talents, Tim Neiman holds an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Having spent much of Dynamic Edge’s infancy in the field, he now concentrates on general business consulting...