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Do You Know How Hackers Are Getting Onto Your Network?

November 14, 2017 • 9:46 am


We Get HIPAA. Our semi-annual HIPAA audits will provide you with a compliance road map and all important compliance documentation. We GUARANTEE our work. We eliminate fear and uncertainty.

Having worked with dozens of healthcare institutions—clinics, offices and health data management companies— in our 18 year tenure supporting businesses, we have mastered IT Support processes tailored to keeping your business HIPAA compliant without costing you an arm and a leg:

  • Expert Preventative Maintenance Keeping Software Running— you get a team of IT Support that continue to identify problems (system requirements, end of life issues, security compliance, implementation environments) that commonly slow down  medical offices.
  • Constant HIPAA Compliance Monitoring— stop worrying about HIPAA compliance– whether your ENTIRE network is compliant. You no longer have to worry about paying hefty fines for not being complaint. (We will also train your staff annually to meet your training requirement—included in your IT Support!)
  • Dedicated Healthcare Technology Manager— you no longer have to worry about how to best use your technology to make your office run more productively. We have a healthcare IT professional on staff with specific experience helping healthcare offices leverage their technology.
  • Security Compliance Officer— does your office really have the capacity to have a full-time security officer that ensures your office is ALWAYS compliant? Our HIPAA security compliance officer is completely dedicated to make sure your office is compliant. If an audit arises, our officer will handle the paper work and show that your office has all of its HIPAA compliance (and PCI compliance) ducks in a row!
  • Quarterly HIPAA and PCI Risk Analysis and Compliance Reports— You get a quarterly report on your compliance status for HIPAA and PCI (if applicable) and we’ll present you with solutions if we notice any possible risks in your system.
  • PHI Data Management— You get hassle-free secure management of ALL your PHI data.
  • Disaster and Backup Recovery—In the event of a natural disaster or failure, you have ALL your data backed up DAILY.
  • IT Support When You Need It—since healthcare isn’t always a 9-5 shift—you get dedicated support– both Onsite and Remote IT Support– when you need it 24/7/365!
  • Documented IT Solution Paths For Healthcare—Our tiered-technical support staff have documented processes to service, maintain and support healthcare offices. That means we’ve already documented (and continue to document) solutions to your users’ computer issues to guarantee faster resolution times—and less work outages from software or hardware failure.


Want A Cybersecurity Expert To Speak At Your Association’s Event?

November 8, 2017 • 9:15 am


Every single CEO that we’ve interviewed in the past ten years have been overwhelmed when it comes to (1) keeping their patient information safe, (2) complying to complicated government compliance standards, and most importantly (3) being able to even stay profitable in a time when operating costs continue to sky rocket.

One of the biggest costs impacting business has been the rise of malicious cyberattacks, data breaches and leaks, all of which are impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare.

The biggest pitfall of most healthcare IT to date has been ineffective IT Security strategies, which fail to evolve in an ever-evolving threat environment.

Bruce’s solution is painless and simple. Instead of settling for mediocre solutions that either (1) cost your business an arm and a leg or (2) fail to protect the personal data that the government and (more importantly) your clients entrust to you, why not get an IT solution that leverages standards and keeps your business data safe.

Some of the topics I’ve covered in the last few months have taught doctors, credit unions, accountants and business leaders why cybersecurity should be on their radar in 2017:

  • How Much Is My Data Worth?
  • What’s on the Dark Web About My Business?
  • How Vulnerable Is Your Business To Hackers?
  • Why Your Employees May Be Your Weakest Link
  • Security Audit and Monitoring Requirements
  • Simple Roadmap To Security Compliance
  • Insider’s Guide To HIPAA Compliance and Healthcare Cybersecurity
  • Insider’s NCUA Compliance And Cybersecurity
  • PCI-DSS Compliance and Security Mitigation

One of our annual goals in 2018 is to invest in cybersecurity education—for our clients, but also for businesses in our community so that everyone is aware of the current and future security landscape and that everyone has information and tools in their pocket to enable sound security decision-making and strategy for the coming year. We want to continually devote to educating you and your users, but also your colleagues throughout associations and organizations you’re a part of.

Interested in having a security expert that engages and informs users of all technical levels understand what they need to really focus on for their cybersecurity?

Let Us Know SOON if you want to work with us (my schedule is filling up fast!).

Concerned About HIPAA Security?

November 3, 2017 • 2:39 pm

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For Our Upcoming Webinar

Insiders: HIPAA Security Made Easy

Get all of your HIPAA security concerns answered. Bruce will be hashing through the security fundamentals that every business need to have in place to (1) avoid compliance risks and (2) protect sensitive data from hackers’ eyes. But more specifically, how day to day IT Support should be addressing your security and compliance pressures.

When? 10 AM, December 12th

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Who should attend? Anyone worried about healthcare cybersecurity.

Hope to see you there!

HIPAA And Cybersecurity Event

October 31, 2017 • 9:05 am

Do You Know How Hackers Are Getting Onto Your Network?

Instead of settling for mediocre solutions that either (1) cost your business an arm and a leg or (2) fail to protect the personal data that the government and (more importantly) your patients entrust to you, why not get an IT solution that leverages HIPAA compliance guidelines instead of fighting them?

Join Us For Cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliance In Action!

Where I (and fellow cybersecurity experts) disseminate all that is going on in cyberspace in plain English.

I wrote my latest book, PLAGUED: The CEOs Ultimate Guide to HIPAA Compliance and Cybersecurity for busy people—those CEOs and executives that don’t have time to waste on hundreds of pages chock full of technical jargon, tedious legislation and hundreds of acronyms.

Join our discussion (and forum) on how we (and others in our field) are addressing security compliance and breach prevention through clear and actionable IT roadmaps without costing an arm and a leg.

ALSO, Learn About Bruce’s New Book

Get answers to some of the most pressing issues in Healthcare Cybersecurity!

 Plagued: A CEOs Guide To Cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliance.

 HIPAA-Compliance-Cybersecurity-BookHow Much Is A Medical Record Worth?

How Vulnerable Is Your Clinic To Hackers?

Common Challenges In Healthcare Security

Your Business Associates Are Your Weakest Link

HIPAA Audit and Monitoring Requirements

MACRA and HIPAA Compliance

Simple Roadmap To HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance Without Breaking The Bank


“Bruce makes Cybersecurity and HIPAA understandable and relevant.”



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Does Your Business Qualify for a Major Tax Break?

October 24, 2017 • 9:05 am

Do you have aging hardware that is chronically slowing down your staff productivity? Are you concerned that old computers (that likely are hard to maintain and update) may leave your business sitting ducks to data breaches?

Consider investing in hardware in Q4 (and take advantage of a major tax break!).


Will Section 179 might give your business an even bigger tax break than ever before?

What I’ve learned for 2017: Section 179 can save your business (and mine) a lot of money. It lets you deduct full purchase price of qualifying equipment—computers and software—that were purchased during the tax year.

New and used equipment deduction limit is 500,000. Must be financed/purchased AND put into service by December 31, 2017—that means you need to make decisions quickly in Q4 to ensure you maximize your 179 benefits!

What this means for your business? If you buy qualified equipment and software, you’re able to deduct THE FULL PURCHASE PRICE from your gross income.

Why does the government do this? To encourage economic growth in American business, by getting companies to invest in their businesses.

 The bottom line: It’s important that you understand and know about what this specific code can do for your business to avoid missing out on major deductions. And it’s critical that you act swiftly in Q4 to ensure you maximize your tax incentives.

First, what the heck is the Section 179 Deduction?

Section 179 of the IRS tax code lets businesses deduct full purchase price of qualifying equipment—which includes computers and software— purchased during the tax year. What this means is when your business buys qualified equipment or software, they can deduct the FULL PURCHASE PRICE from your gross income. The logic behind why Section 179 exists? To encourage businesses to buy equipment and invest in their businesses.

Who Qualifies for 179?

You have to meet the following 2 criterion to qualify:

  1. If your business purchased, financed or leased less than $500,000 in new or used business equipment in 2017 you should qualify for the deduction. The purchased equipment must be used for business purposes at least 50% of the time to qualify.

To understand the amount a specific piece of equipment qualifies for the deduction, you can simply multiply the percentage used for business purposes by the cost of the equipment! You’re your accountant will know the nitty gritty about the specifics to Section 179- I encourage you to reach out to them to see if you are making the most of your deductions! Computers and Software used in your business DO qualify (land and buildings DO NOT qualify here).

  1. Your equipment MUST be purchased and put into use within the tax year you are taking the deduction. That means you need to have the equipment or software in your possession before 2016 ends to be eligible.

What to expect in 179 for 2017:

Your Deduction Limit Remains at $500,000—Deduction on new and used equipment (any computer hardware) and software was defined for a second year at $500,000.

Your 2017 Spending Cap on Purchases Remains at $2 MILLION— Congress kept the same purchase limits in 2017 as last year. After $2 million dollars is spent, the dollar for dollar incentive reduces considerably.

Bonus Depreciation for 2017 is 50% has been extended to 2019After you’ve reached the spending cap of $2 million, you can take a 50% depreciation for 2017 off of new equipment purchased.

 How Section 179 Works?

When your business purchases certain equipment and software, you are able to write off purchases little by little over time because it depreciates in value. For instance, if you purchase a server for $100,000, you get to write off (lets’ say) $25,000 for four years. Note: these numbers are just my dummy example. Your accountant will know the specifics!

But wouldn’t you rather just write off the entire purchase up front? That’s why Section 179 was originally written—to motivate spending in the American economy. For most businesses, the entire cost of equipment and software can be written off for the 2016 tax return.

Computer equipment and software are included in the Section 179 Deduction!

Any computer needs- laptops, desktops, servers, routers, out-of-the box and custom-built software are eligible for the Section 179 deduction! I want to make sure you are taking action and getting your maximum benefit! But to reap the benefits of Section 179 for this fiscal year, you need to act quickly. The deadline for purchases to be claimed for 2017 is quickly approaching! (NOTE: Dynamic Edge now guarantees a 48 hour computer set up turnaround if you order through us! See our recent announcement for details!).

Want to maximize your savings in 2017? Contact me today to come up with a game plan for any imminent computer spending you had been considering and let’s figure out a strategy for you to get the most out of your deductions!